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22.09.2017Product news

Velvety, creamy coconut dreams

Allow us to introduce Byodo Coconut Oil, virgin – pure white and untreated, it amazes across the board. Thanks to the good heatability and high smoking point, it is ideal for frying in a pan or wok, for example – its delicate, exotic flavour is an indispensable component in Asian cuisine. Not only that, coconut oil also lends an aromatic note to baked goods and has long been a trend here as a moisturising cosmetic product. The coconut oil is normally solid at room temperature, but the body’s warmth melts it wonderfully as it is massaged into the skin, giving your skin a silky-smooth finish and enveloping it with the delicate fragrance of coconut. Why not also try the oil in its pure form as a conditioning treatment for your hair or mix it with a spoonful of sugar for an intensely aromatic peeling treatment
The organic coconuts for our virgin coconut oil grow in mixed forests alongside other exotic delicacies such as mangoes and bananas, ripening under the sun of the Philippines until they achieve their full aroma. The nuts are picked carefully by hand and lowered to the ground safely before being dehusked and cold pressed by machine. The result is our velvety, creamy coconut oil with an incredible fragrance which makes every gourmet’s heart beat faster. Byodo Coconut Oil is available in a 200 ml and a 450 ml jar to suit every requirement.

The finest nutty indulgence

The new virgin hazelnut oil is a delectable addition to our fine range of Byodo nut oils. Only choice organic hazelnut kernels from the traditional region of Piedmont, Italy, are picked by hand and then gently cold pressed at max. 27°C. Hazelnuts from the region are regarded by connoisseurs as the best in the world, as the nuts have a wonderful, intensely nutty flavour and still caress the palate with a delicate sweetness. As such, the valuable, untreated oil is the perfect addition to sweet desserts and baked goods as well as savoury salads. The nutty note adds an unrivalled taste explosion to home-made ice cream and as an accompaniment to goat’s cheese.
Just like the other three nut oils, we have decided to offer it in the dark, protective, 100-ml bottles, as it should be consumed quickly once opened and this guarantees a delectable culinary experience right down to the last drop.

Fine and tangy reinforcements

Our tomato concentrate tubes are also being joined by a delicious addition in the form of our fruity tomato-vegetable concentrate. The new variety combines sun-ripened, Italian tomatoes with freshly harvested vegetables such as carrots and onions. The Mediterranean composition is expertly rounded off by full-flavoured extra virgin olive oil.  
As is also the case for our other two tomato concentrates, the freshly picked tomatoes are doubly concentrated to ensure intensely fruity indulgence. What’s more, all three varieties are suitable for vegans, gluten-free and now come with an extra 20 g!
Don’t miss out on our double fruit tomato-vegetable concentrate as a perfect finishing touch to soups and casseroles. It also saves times as a base for sauces and its high vegetable content guarantees a refined flavour base. What’s more, it even tastes great on cheese or ham sandwiches as a tangy alternative to butter or mayonnaise.

Our new products look so different? Yes, that’s true! And the rest of our Byodo products will be joining them bit by bit soon as they, too, adopt the new packaging design. You can read more about our new design optimisations here.