Slow Food

Byodo’s quality ideals obviously extend to our products, which we develop with a great deal of dedication and passion for enjoyment with awareness and valuable ingredients, but also to our commitment to nature and the environment – as well, of course, as to mankind. We want to make our contribution to the preservation of positive co-existence as well as nature and the environment together and fairly with our partner suppliers, in our team and with you. And, of course, consciously enjoy high-quality foodstuffs together with you!

Slow Food is a globally operative non-profit organisation. It is supported by members and, among other things, aims to promote contact between producers, traders and consumers. At the same time, another goal is the communication of information on the quality of foodstuffs and changing of the foodstuff system over time. In total, the organisation has approx. 100,000 members organised into 1,500 local chapters (convivia). National organisations can be found in Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA. (Source: Slow Food Deutschland e.V.)