Further certificates

Alongside our commitment to the very best organic products and a sustainable, green company building, we also participate in a range of different projects for nature and our environment. This in turn has been honoured with additional certificates and awards from various bodies.

n-tv Hidden Champion

  • 1st place in the Responsibility category: the television news channel n-tv awards outstanding SMEs with the price „Hidden Champion“. In the Responsibility category, the panel of esteemed judges focused Byodo especially on the high rate of awarding apprentices positions, the weekly donations to the Muehldorfer Tafel charitable organisation and work with refugees.

Grand Prix of Small and Medium Business (“Großer Preis des Mittelstandes”)

  • Achievement of the jury level 2017: Award for certain met criteria, such as overall development of the company, creation and securing of jobs and trainee positions, modernisation and innovation, and commitment to the region.

CO2-climate certificate 2016

Reduction of CO2-emissions through the recycling of the Byodo product packaging: with recycling by BellandVision an equal big amount of CO2 could be saved.

"Medal of Environment" (Umwelttaler 2008):

  • "Medal of Environment 2008": for outstanding merits environmental and nature portection

"Encourager of the Nation Award" ("Mutmacher der Nation")

  • Nominee for the Bavarian State Award: Michael Mossbacher - "Encourager oft the Nation 2009/2010"

Myclimate compensation certificate

  • Byodo prints CO2-neutral:
    Confirmation of a voluntary compensation payment to the climate protection organization myclimate – November 2011
    myclimate compension certificate for 16 tons of CO2