Optimal Packaging

Optimal packaging of our organic products is the most important factor to protect them from external influences and thus preserve the good quality for a long time. But it should also be visually appealing and practical. In addition, of course, the ecological aspect and thus the development of sustainable packaging options is particularly close to our hearts!

Oils in tinplate cans

We have now decided to use a slender 250 ml tin for our premium oils. Not only does tin offer the advantage of being completely impermeable to light and thus preserving both the oils’ taste and valuable nutrients, it also impresses with the highest recycling quota of all the materials in the recovered substance cycle. It can be reused time and time again. These properties are the perfect embodiment of our principle of protecting high-quality products and their nutrients optimally whilst simultaneously protecting the environment in a sustainable manner.

100% recycled tubes

Our fine hot, medium hot and sweet mustard, as well as the creamy Delikatess mayonnaise we offer you, in addition to the sustainable glass, also in the practical tube. This gives us the best possible protection for our organic product from light and air, allowing us to preserve the full flavor for even longer.

In 2022, we will go one step further and use only 100% recycled aluminum for our tube products!* This is a raw material that is only available in limited quantities on earth. For this very reason, it is important to recycle aluminum packaging and thus close the loop for this valuable resource. The material for our tubes comes from the environmentally friendly recycling of production aluminum. Through multiple uses, CO2 emissions can be saved for each recycled tube in production. At the same time, the specially developed alloy of our tubes ensures the best protective properties.

After consumption of the delicious organic mustard varieties and organic mayonnaise, you can simply dispose of our tubes as usual via the yellow garbage can. Thus, together we make a valuable contribution to closed material cycles and conserve the limited resources available on our planet.

*The tubes are made of 100% recycled aluminum without lids.