Organic-Lunch-Box Initiative

Healthy, delicious food has always been a matter close to our hearts. A number of studies have also shown that many children go to school without having had a proper breakfast and without a proper snack for breaktime in their bags. We hope that this campaign will contribute to more children and parents discovering fine organic foods as a healthy snack and reinforce the importance of a healthy snack in general. This was our impetus for sponsoring and organising the Bio-Brotbox project for the tenth year in a row in 2019 for the district of Mühldorf, Altötting and Traunstein in the south of Germany.

Once again, 3.200 Bio-Brotboxen (organic snack boxes) were packed in the Byodo warehouse by a whole host of helping, dedicated hands in the form of teachers, school councillors, members of parents associations and employees of organic food companies. The yellow snack boxes are then handed out to the new pupils in their second week of school.

It’s always a pleasure to see the kids’ eyes grow wide with excitement every year as they investigate the contents of the Bio-Brotbox. In 2019, it contained a portion Krunchy Joy from Barnhouse, a portion of turkey liver sausage from Ökoland, crisp bread from Byodo, tea from Bioteaque and a crunchy apple – supplied by Chiemgauer Naturkosthandel. In addition, a high number of local organic shops also participate every year by offering the children a tasty organic surprise in exchange for the voucher included in the box. Our thanks go once again to the Druckerei Lanzinger print shop, which supplies all the printed materials every year free of charge!

We hope that the event will encourage parents and children alike to pack a healthy snack for school every day, which goes a long way to supporting the concentration and productivity of our little ones.