Our energy concept – the fundamental pillar

Our consistent dedication to organic products is also reflected in our company building. Thanks to state of the art technologies we were able to achieve our aims: the waiving of fossil fuels. In this way we manage to protect the environment sustainably with this new and architecturally unique building. We take pride in our comprehensive energy concept, which was awarded various prizes and is internationally renowned a showcase.

Byodo´s office
Byodo´s office
Byodo’s winter garden and canteen
Byodo’s winter garden and canteen
Byodo's photovoltaic System
Byodo's photovoltaic System
Byodo’s rain water utilization
Byodo’s rain water utilization
Byodo’s glazing element from the inside
Byodo’s glazing element from the inside

Ground water heat pump

The supply and function of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning is backed up by four heat pumps and two groundwater pumps with heat exchanger, which are fed by ground water which runs 8-13 m beneath the surface. For working the pump we source green electricity from hydro electric power plants.

Concrete Core Activation

There are 5,500 m of plastic tubes laid out in the concrete pavement. The water, which flows through the tubes covers the basic need for heating our offices in winter and cooling them in summer.

Controlled Ventilation System

The rest of the ventilation concept is based on a controlled ventilation system. The fresh air is warmed up by the heat pump before entering the room. Via an installed heat recoery system the exhausted air is recycled.

Winter garden

Our winter garden works as a heat buffer. The gained surplus heat is used for heating the 30,000 m³ warehouse in winter and between seasons.

Roof Greening

The greening of our office roof is an additional measure to keep offices below cool in summer. Apart from this the flora offers a valuable improvement to the microclimate.

Wooden structure of the factory roof

The special construction of our factory roofs are a combination of the top and the bottom of wood with a stone wool layer in between. Pictures of a thermal imaging camera show almost low-energy standard – a real rarity in industrial construction. 

Photovoltaic system

Our voltaic system covers a surface area of 200 m² as an extension of the winter garden with a grid supply of more than 16,000 kWh per year. In addition we've got a further system on the almost 10,000 m² factory roofs. Through the usage of green electricity we generate more energy free from CO2 as it is actually consumed.

Usage of rain water

Storm tanks provide water for our ecologically landscaped garden and pond.

Glazing element

Through the building’s south east wall surface of almost 1,000 m² pleasantly orange light falls in the factory hall and thus minimizes the usage of artificial light enormously. This specially designed wall element reflects steeply incoming sunbeams in summer. In turn, lowly incoming sunbeams in winter are let in and heat the hall.

Byodo Extension

A further 3,200 m² of storage and logistics space as well as 40 additional office spaces have been under construction as an extension to our green company building since winter 2015. The plans also include production rooms for the refining of Byodo products made from 100% organic ingredients.

This project has received funding from the EFRE.

In addition, construction of our FEINSINN organic supermarket with its indulgence kitchen, which will offer delicious lunches in the future, is also well under way.

Did you know...?

  • The Byodo company building has been awarded prizes many times:
    We received the "Medal of Environment" form the BUND, the Honory Certificate from the Bavarian Environmental Organization. Byodo was awarded "Architectouren 2009" by the Bavarian Chamber of Architects as well as by the Bavarian-Climate-Week (Klimawoche Bayern) board. Read more about the topic "awards"